Doc McStuffins Wiki
Theme song
♪ La la la la ♪
[Classical music playing]
[Turns down volume]
Doc: Mom!
Dr. McStuffins: [Giggles] What's going on in here?
Doc: The world's most amazing lamb ballerina is going to dance. That's Lambie.
Dr. McStuffins: Ooh. I can't wait.
[Raises volume]
Dr. McStuffins: Ha ha ha! Bravo! Bravo!
Doc: Thanks, mom. Lambie want to thank you, too! Mwah.
Dr. McStuffins: Oh, thank you, Lambie. You are a divine ballerina.
[Cell phone rings]
Dr. McStuffins: Oh, I have to take this, but that was the very best lamb ballet I have ever seen. Thank you.
Doc: You're welcome.
Dr. McStuffins: Hello. This is Dr. McStuffins.
Doc: Lambie, shall we dance? Whee! Hee hee hee!
Doc: Oh, no! I ripped you. Poor Lambie. Mom, I'm going to the clinic.
[Stethoscope goes off]
Hallie: How are you doing, Doc?
Stuffy and Chilly: Hi, Doc!
Doc: Uh, hi, guys.
Lambie: Come on, Doc. Dance with us.
Doc: Oh, um, no. Lambie, there's something I have to...
Chilly: Ooh, there is something wrong.
Stuffy: I didn't do it! Um, what is it I didn't do again?
Chilly: I don't know, but look at Doc's face. I know happy, and that is a face that is worrying, so now I'm worrying. Doc, what's going on?
Hallie: Well, sassy sunshine, the snowman is right. What is going on?
Lambie: You can tell us anything, Doc. You know that, right?
Doc: ...Lambie, I have to show you something.
Lambie: Oh. Are you trying to surprise me? Ooh! You got me a presenty-present, didn't you?
[Squeakers squeak]
Stuffy: Ah! Not good. Not good.
Hallie: Oh, jumpin' jackalopes.
Lambie: What is it? [Gasp] Oh, my beautiful pink plush! It's ripped!
Chilly: Oh, I can't look.
Lambie: Doc, what happened?
Doc: Lambie, I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. We were dancing in the living room, and I was spinning you around, and you got caught on something.
Lambie: Oh. Yeah.
Doc: Do you forgive me?
Lambie: Of course I forgive you, Doc. I know you'd never hurt me on purpose.
Doc: I wouldn't, and thanks, Lambie. I feel awful about this.
Lambie: You're my best friend, and I totally forgive you, but could we fix this, maybe now?!
Doc: I'm on it, Lambie.
Chilly: Tell me when I can look. Hey, where did everyone go?
Doc: Hmm.
Hallie: I don't like the sound of that.
Doc: I can't find a loose thread that I can use to pull Lambie's rip closed.
Lambie: Okay, I don't like the sound of that. What's wrong, Doc?
Doc: Your rip isn't gonna be as easy to close as I thought.
Stuffy: It's OK, Doc. You don't have to be embarrassed to ask for a little help. I'm sure I can think of something. Oh! How about we use some tape?
Doc: Uh, I don't think--
Hallie: Chilly, there's some tape on my desk. Can you bring it on in here?
Chilly: Here's the tape. Uh-oh. I had a piece of tape here, but now it's gone.
Chilly: Aah! I have a fish growing out of my back!
Doc: Chilly, that's Squeakers.
Chilly: That is worse. Squeakers is growing a snowman on her back.
Doc: Chilly, you're not growing anything. You and Squeakers are taped together.
Chilly: Oh, So that explains where the tape went.
Lambie: Ahem! Lamb in need here! Can we focus on fixing me? Please?
Chilly: Oh, yeah. Sure we can.
Stuffy: Come around like that. Coming through. Bite this off. ♪ Ta da ♪
Doc: I don't know if that's going to work.
Lambie: Uh...oh... not only can't I dance, I can't walk... [crying] ...or move.
Hallie: I got you, sugar.
Lambie: Oh! Whoa! Aah!
Doc: Lambie, I think that you need...
Stuffy: How about these?
Doc: ...Oh, Stuffy. I don't think that...
Stuffy: You've ever heard a more brilliant idea? I know. You look fabulous. Work it. Work it.
Chilly: Ooh! Take cover!
Lambie: This isn't working. Doc.
Doc: ...but, Lambie, there's only one way I can think of to fix you.
Lambie: Well, what is it?
Doc: You need stitches.
Stuffy, Hallie and Chilly: Oh!
Chilly: I can't listen.
Lambie: Are you sure that's the only way?
Doc: I'm sure. Sometimes when a cut is really big or really deep, they have to be held together with something like thread. It's the only way for it to heal well. I know it's scary, but when we're done, you're gonna be good as new. You'll barely be able to see it was ever there.
Lambie: Are you sure?
Doc: Yep. You know, I got stitches once.
Stuffy: You did? Where?
Doc: Right here on my finger. I fell and cut it on a rock.
Lambie: Ooh. I can hardly see it. Your scar is kind of cute.
Doc: I know. That's because I got stitches when I needed them.
Lambie: OK. Do it if you must. [Sigh] I'm ready.
Doc: Oh. Lambie, I can't do the stitches.
Lambie: You can't.
Doc: No. I can't sew, so we're gonna have to see a specialist.
Stuffy: Oh, I'm pretty special. I'd be happy to stitch you up, Lambie. [Grunting] Ah, just give me a sec. Uh!
Doc: Don't worry. Stuffy's not gonna do it.
Lambie: Oh, good.
Doc: I think we need to see my mom. She's a doctor and really, really good at taking care of kids--and stuffed animals.
Lambie: As good as you?
Doc: Definitely. I wouldn't take you to her if she wasn't.
Lambie: Will you be with me?
Doc: Of course. I'll be right there holding your paw the whole time.
Lambie: OK, then. [Sigh] I guess we should go.
Stuffy: Doc won't let anything happen to you. She loves you. We all do.
Lambie: Thanks, Stuffy. Bye, everyone.
Stuffy: Don't be scared.
Hallie: Feel better, little lamb.
Chilly: Oh, is she done talking about yicky stuff? Oh. Bye! I'm talking too loud, right? Ha ha ha!
Doc: You ready? I promise I'll be right here.
Doc: Mom, I need you help.
Dr. McStuffins: Sure, sweetie. What is it?
Doc: I have a kind of hard case.
Dr. McStuffins: Hmm. Let me take a look. Oh, I see Lambie's got a rip. We'll have to sew that her right up
Doc: That's what I thought.
Dr. McStuffins: Let's do it in my office. This should be no problem. I just have to find the right thread, and we'll sew, I mean stitch Lambie right back up.
Lambie: Doc, I'm scared.
Doc: I know. Do you need a cuddle?
Lambie: Thanks, Doc. I couldn't have done this without you.
Doc: I'm gonna be right here for you, the same way you've always been right here for me.
♪ You've been there all along ♪
♪ You know all my favorite songs ♪
♪ When I'm scared, when I'm blue ♪
[Doc and Lambie]
♪ You're at my side with a cuddle or two ♪
♪ I'm so lucky to have a Lambie like you ♪
♪ You've got sass ♪
♪ How about that ♪
♪ You've got style ♪
♪ Oh, you're so nice ♪
♪ And you fill my heart with a smile ♪
♪ And you fill mine ♪
♪ You're my funniest friend ♪
♪ Hey, that's so great ♪
♪ Could you say that again? ♪
♪ I'm so lucky to have a Lambie like you ♪
♪ Doc, you know that I'll always be here for you, too ♪
Dr. McStuffins: Found just the thing I was looking for.
Lambie: Going stuffed now.
Dr. McStuffins: OK, kiddo. Let's get Lambie stitched up.
Doc: Great. And be careful, OK? Lambie's really special, you know?
Dr. McStuffins: I know. and, sweetie, I promise she'll be as good as new. Doc, I'm gonna need you to assist. Just hold these two parts together. Great! That it!
Doc: Wow. Nice work. I can barely see where it was. Thanks, mom.
Dr. McStuffins: Well, I couldn't have done it without you, Doc. We make a pretty great team. Now would you take the patient to the recovery room and watch after her till she's feeling better?
Doc: I sure will.
Stuffy: How did it go, Doc?
Doc: Great.
[Stethoscope goes off]
Lambie: Is it over?
Doc: Yep.
Stuffy: Come on. Turn around.
Lambie: You fixed me! Oh, I can barely see it! Oh, thanks, Doc! It's baaa-eautiful!
Doc: You're welcome, Lambie.
♪ I feel better, so much better ♪
♪ Thank you, Doc, for taking all the ouches away ♪
♪ Didn't feel so good till you fixed me like I knew that you would ♪
♪ And I feel better, so much better now ♪
Lambie: Would you like to dance?
Stuffy: Like? I would love to dance! [Humming] Whoa, whoa, whoa...whoa! I'm gonna sit this one out.
[All laughing]