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"The Scrapiest Dragon" is the first segment of the ninety-second episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on April 25, 2016.


During a ping pong match with Hallie, Stuffy scrapes his belly on the ground.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Hallie: Stuffy, you okay?
Stuffy: I think I got a scrape on my tum-tum. Ow.
Doc: Aw, Stuffy. Let's get you in for a checkup.
Stuffy: But, I don't want a checkup. (Chilly gasps)
Stuffy: I won that point. I wanna keep playing.
Doc: I know how you feel, Stuffy. I got a scrape at soccer practice today.
Stuffy: You did?
Doc: Yeah. And I didn't want to stop playing. But Coach said she had to clean and bandage it before I kept going.
Hallie: And if Doc got her scrape taken care of, don't you think you should, too?
Stuffy: I guess you're right.
Hallie: Then, after your checkup, hippo domination can continue.
Stuffy: You mean dragon domination.

Doc: Stuffy, your scrape should be dry by now. I think it's time to take off your bandage.
Stuffy: What? My super cool bandage?!
Bronty: Ooh, it is super cool.
Stuffy: But it made me brave.
Doc: The bandage didn't make you brave, Stuffy. It was brave that you let me take care of your scrape.
Hallie: Taking off the bandage is the final part of fixing your scrape.
Stuffy: I guess I better keep being brave. Uh, Doc, this isn't gonna hurt, is it?
Doc: Maybe a tiny bit. But it'll be over quick. I promise. (Takes bandage off)
Stuffy: Oh, that wasn't bad at all.