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"The Search for Squibbles" is the first segment of the seventy-sixth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on November 2, 2015.


When Squibbles goes missing during his pet training, a distraught Stuffy leads a search with Doc and the rest of the toys and learns a valuable lesson about giving your pet an ID tag so you can always locate them if they get lost.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Stuffy: Squibbles! Spin around like a wild, out of control puppy! (Squibbles starts spinning) See? Perfectly trained. Spinning is just his thing. Which is good, because it's my thing, too! (Stuffy starts laughing and spinning)

Stuffy: (after Doc's dad leaves) Back to spinning, Squibbles! Ha ha!-- Squibbles? Where did he go?
Doc: Don't worry, Stuffy. We'll find him. (Everyone calls and looks for Squibbles)
Stuffy: Squibbles! Here, boy!
Officer Pete: (Sounds the sirens) All right, what's all the commotion here?
Stuffy: It's Squibbles! He's gone!
Officer Pete: Well, I'm sure he hasn't gone far.
Stuffy: Oh, no! The gate is open! What if he got out?!
Officer Pete: Well, that would be bad.

Officer Pete: Good day, folks. We're here on official police business.
Ben: Ooh ooh! Hi, Officer.
Officer Pete: Have you seen this toy?
Stuffy: He's hairy, and he spins around like this... Noowww nooww nooww nooww! And his like... (panting)... And he's the cutest little patootest I have ever seen.
Ben: Oooh ooh! Oh, sorry, Stuffy, but we haven't seen him. (Stuffy whimpers)

Stuffy: (about Squibbles) He's my pet, and my best buddy in the whole world, and...he's lost.
Wildlife Will: Lost? Well, don't worry, mate! I'll search high...and low!
Officer Pete: If you see him, be sure to report back.
Wildlife Will: Right!

Stuffy: Maybe there's more than one Squibbles around here, and he doesn't know we're calling him. His full name is Mr. Squibbles Sylvester McStuffins the First.

Stuffy: So, we looked in his favorite sandbox, in his favorite tree, under the slide-- Wait. Did we check under the slide?
Hallie: We sure did, sugar. Twice.
Stuffy: Then where are you, Squibbles?

Doc: Stuffy, where are you going?
Stuffy: To the clinic. This is when I'd usually take Squibbles for a walk. I guess tonight I'll go by myself. Alone. Without Squibbles.

Stuffy: Stuffy and Squibbles... Squibbles and Stuffy... Now it's just Stuffy...missing you. (Stuffy closes his eyes) 'Course, it's almost like you're still here. When I close my eyes, it's like I can still feel your fuzzy face. (Unknowingly picks Squibbles up) It's remarkable how much it feels that way.
Doc: Uh, Stuffy. Open your eyes.
Stuffy: Squibbles? Squibbles!!! You're home! Oh, I thought you were lost forever! Oh, I missed you so much, you cutey-patootey! Where have you been?
Doc: In the tomato basket. Squibbles must have hopped in when Dad was picking tomatoes.

Doc: Squibbles doesn't have a pet ID tag of his own in case he gets lost.
Stuffy: I'll do whatever it takes. I never want to lose my best buddy again!
Doc: Then Squibbles needs a tag, like a real pet. It's important to give your pet an ID tag to keep them safe if they ever get lost. (Writing on tag) "I belong to Stuffy McStuffins."
Stuffy: It's perfect! I'm glad you're home, little guy. (Squibbles licks Stuffy's neck) Ohh! Hey! Ha ha ha ha! Squibbles!


  • Diagnosis: Hypo-No-tag-osis
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Piper
  • According to Stuffy, Squibbles full name is Mr. Squibbles Sylvester McStuffins the First.
  • One time Rudi got lost in the park but he was found and returned home thanks to wearing a collar.
  • This episode along with "Factory Fabulous" is the 15th Season 3 episode in production order.