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"The Show Doesn't Have to Go On" is a Doc McStuffins song from the season 3 episode "Twin Tweaks". It is sung by Doc and Oooey Gablooey.


Doc McStuffins 🎤 Show doesn't have to go on


<poem> Doc: The show doesn't have to go on You don't have to perform on cue You may have a sniffle or not be warmed up Or maybe you wore the wrong shoes

Oooey Gablooey: The show doesn't have to go on This stage needs the very best you If a showman is not at a 100 percent Then pushing's the wrong thing to do

Doc and Oooey Gablooey: The stage can wait Don't play when you're hurt The show comes second and your health comes first The stage can wait There'll be lots of applause Waiting for you when your body is healthy and strong The show doesn't have to go on