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The Sleepwalking King
Season 4, Episode 19B
The Sleepwalking King Title.jpg
Air date June 17, 2017
Written by Kerri Grant
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"The Sleepwalking King" is the second segment of the one-hundred and eleventh episode of the Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins, which premiered on June 17, 2017.


During a sleepover at the Royal Castle, Doc discovers the Wicked King has been sleepwalking.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Lambie: A sleepover in the Royal Land castle. I feel like a pretty princess.

Stuffy: I can't wait to tell ghost stories.
Chilly: Ghost stories?
Stuffy: Don't worry, Chilly. We'll only tell the best and scariest kind.
Chilly: Oh! Um, well... I just remembered that I left my, um... nose back at the hospital. Better go get it.
Doc: Chilly, I see your nose right there on your face. Stuffy, why don't we save the ghost stories for another time?
Stuffy: Okay. You got it, Doc.

Doc: (After Chilly shrieks) Chilly?
Lambie: What is it?
Doc: What's wrong?
Chilly: Ghost. It was a ghost! Oh, the ghost left me these buttons. And... Oh, they're really nice.
Stuffy: Let me get this straight. So you were hunted by a niceness ghost.
Chilly: Ah! Niceness ghost!
Doc: There's no such thing as ghost.
Lambie: Maybe you were having a bad dream.
Chilly: (Stammering) But... the buttons.
Hallie: Could they just be extra buttons of yours, sugar?
Lambie: Yeah. You usually keep some buttons in your hat.
Chilly: Yeah, that's true.
Doc: Everything's okay, Chilly. I'll tuck you in.
Lambie: And I'll provide goodnight cuddles.
Chilly: Oh, thanks, Lambie. Thanks, Doc.

Doc: First the buttons, and now the king waking up outside. There's something odd going on around here.
Chilly: (Shrieks) The niceness ghost. I knew it. There it is. It's so pale! (Gasp) And it's yelling at me!
Lambie: No, Chilly. That's just your reflection.
Chilly: Whew! Another close call.
Doc: I still don't think we're dealing with a ghost. But I'll keep an eye on things until we can figure out what's going on.