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"There's An Appointment For That" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 4 episode "Check-Up Chilly". It is sung by Chilly. In this song, Chilly sings about about making appointments of diseases that he never knew he had.

There's an appointment for that song3



I didn't know my eyes could need goggles I didn't know my tail could twist.I never even heard of obedience class so what on earth else have I missed?

Here's a list of things that are horribly wrong with me, heaps and tons of disasters potentially. Each new question a problem or malady, how did I not know about this?

There's an appointment for that. A checkup for everything, I need one stat! So many bad things to be had a windfall, free-for-all for every hypochondriac!

'Cause there's an appointment, I need an appointment. Please make an appointment for that!