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"There's a King in Your Tummy!" is the second segment of the forty-ninth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on August 22, 2014.


When squeezable water toy Serpent Sam accidentally swallows the Wicked King with a huge gulp of water, Doc diagnoses him with "Tummy-a-la-king" and performs the Heimlich Maneuver to force the Wicked King out.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Stuffy: What are we gonna play today? Uh, dragon stomp? Uh, dragon mash? Uh, dragon baseball? Maybe dragon hula, or what about dragon hopscotch?
Lambie: Or maybe something that's not just for dragons.
Stuffy: Well, I suppose we could do that.

Doc: (to Serpent Sam) Hm, I hear something else inside you. Something that's definitely not sloshy.
Hallie: What's it sound like, Doc?
Stuffy: Oh, does it sound like this? Brrrr-apppa-whappa-aappa-zap!
Doc: No.
Stuffy: Then does it sound like this? Mmmmm-ba-boppa-dede-dooka-loooo ooo!
Doc: Nope.
Stuffy: Humma le zibbley dibbeley wibbeley humma le zibbeley le diddeley bop!
Doc: No.
Stuffy: Whew! Then I give up.

Serpent Sam: Um, Doc, what is that thing?
Doc: It's an x-ray machine. I can use it to look inside of toys.
Stuffy: It's what she uses to look for broken parts inside you.

Stuffy: Wicked King! Is that you down there?
The Wicked King: Of course it's me. I fell in the pool, and Sam swallowed me when he was slurping water.
Doc: You have to be more careful. It can be slippery around the pool.
Serpent Sam: I guess I didn't see him when I slurped up all that water.
Doc: Was that you making all that noise inside Sam's tummy?
The Wicked King: Oh, it most certainly was, good doctor. I wanted you to quit wiggly-jiggling me!
Stuffy: Why don't you climb out of there?
The Wicked King: I would if I could, you silly dragon. But in case you've forgotten, I don't have any arms!


  • Diagnosis: Tummy A La King