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Chilly and Stuffy are tasked with babysitting at Fort Blanket, but quickly discover that it isn't easy when the baby keeps slipping away and crawling all around them!



Doc: Thanks for the lift, Stuart.
Stuart: Flying you in was the least we can do after you agreed to watch the babies while we're on vacation.
Stuffy: Whoa! That is one fast baby.
Chilly: Wonder why Doc thinks it would take both of us to watch one baby.
Stuffy: I don't know. We are the two best baby watchers ever.
Doc: I'm glad to see you and the triplets are having fun.
Stuffy: Triplets? You mean all this time we've been watching three babies.
Doc: Of course. Watching this super active trio is like watching ten busy babies. I knew if anyone could handle them, it would be you two.
Stuffy: Hey, Doc, where did the storks go on vacation?
Doc: Why?
Stuffy: 'Cause after this, we're gonna need a vacation, too.


  • The title of this short is a reference to the American sitcom that came out in 1977.