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A Tiny Tumbler baby doll keeps tumbling into other babies and causing a mess in Baby Land; it's up to Doc and the gang to stop her before she makes an even bigger mess!



Chilly: It's a tiny tumbler.
Lambie: She's bouncing off everything. Even the babies.
Doc: We've got to stop her before she knocks all the babies down. And everything else, too.
Doc: Phew. The baby dolls are fine.
Stuffy: That's good. But will somebody please explain to me what a tiny tumbler is and why it's so-- Never mind.
Stuffy: Hallie, go long.
Hallie: I got her! Whoa! Ooh! I tried to go long, but I fell short.
Doc: Worn out? [Gasp] That's it, Chilly!
Chilly: Yeah! Uh, it is?
Doc: Yes. It's too hard to catch a tiny tumbler doll, but they will stop once they're worn out.
Stuffy: So we just have to play with her. A lot.
Lambie: All's quiet in Baby Land. We finally wore out the tiny tumbler and ourselves.