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Tisha McStuffins is Doc's older cousin who loves to spend time with her. She gave Doc a plush pink owl named Professor Hootsburgh.



Tisha is a caring and sweet young girl who loves to spend time with her cousins.

Physical Appearance[]

Tisha is a slender girl with curly brown hair, brown skin, brown eyes, two yellow hairclips in her hair, a white cardigan, a pink shirt and a denim skirt.

Role in the series[]

At the start of "Through the Reading Glasses", Tisha and Doc are drawing pictures, and Doc shows Tisha her picture of her and Tisha. Mr. McStuffins comes in and tells Tisha to get home before the snow gets too deep. Before Tisha goes, she gives Doc Professor Hootsburgh, her former stuffed owl, and goes home.


  • "Aw thanks, Doc!"
  • "The last time you came to my house, I saw how much you liked Hootsie. I don't play with her anymore, so I thought you could have her."


  • Along with Sabrina, it’s unknown how she and Doc are cousins, with either their mothers being sisters, their fathers being brothers, Maisha and Tisha's father being siblings or Marcus and Tisha's mother being siblings.
  • Her voice actress, China Anne McClain, previously performed the show's theme song. She is also known for portraying characters on a few Disney Channel shows such as Chyna Parks from A.N.T. Farm, Tina from Wizards of Waverly Place, Isabel from Hannah Montana, Kiara from Jonas, and Uma from Descendants 2.