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Tundra is a teddy bear (possibly a polar bear) that Emmie got from the hospital after she broke her ankle as Doc took care of Tundra as the others toy taught Tundra how to be a real doctor like Doc as Chilly felt happy knowing that there are now 2 doctors in the clinic. She began being nervous and later began an intern and now she's a doctor for Emmie's toys. She is also one of the doctors on staff at the McStuffinsville Toy Hospital.



  • Her voice actress, Vicki Lewis, also voices characters such as Miss Carol in Rugrats, Weasel in The Wild Thornberrys, Lulu in Phineas and Ferb, Serena in Ben 10: Alien Force, Deb in Finding Nemo, Arctic Hare in Turbo FAST, and Eve in Alpha and Omega. She also plays characters such as Ms. Bitterman in Sonny With a Chance, Dr. Sonya in How I Met Your Mother, Donna in Austin & Ally, and Erica in Modern Family.
  • Since Tundra is a part of the hospital staff, she makes many background cameos appearances in the Toy Hospital seasons.