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The gang must save a train conductor’s pet dog that is trapped on a runaway train!



Doc: You made it to the engine. Nice work.
Stuffy: Oh, yeah, we had it under control the entire time. Don't you worry buddy!
Hallie: The Pet Rescue Team is here!
[Dash barks]
Hallie: Wait a minute. I think Dash is trying to tell us something.
[Dash barks]
Hallie: Well, peck my peaches, we found it.
Stuffy: The coal must have spilled onto the lever and set the train forward into overdrive.
Doc: That was incredible! Great job!
Chilly: I was so worried for those ducklings.
Doc: Which is why you should stay away from train tracks and moving trains.
Stuffy: Yeah. I've had enough of moving trains.


  • Toys that debut in this short: The train conductor and his dog Dash.
  • Lambie was in this short, but didn't talk.