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Doc McStuffins Ultimate Safari Title

Ultimate Safari shorts are a completion of shorts based on the season 5 episode "Stuffy's Safari". The shorts can be viewed online.

Shorts Original Air Date
Starstruck Sally January 6, 2020
It's a Wash January 7, 2020
Monkey Business January 8, 2020
Zebra Crossing January 9, 2020
Rockin' Croc January 10, 2020
Repeat After Me January 13, 2020
Tail Spin January 14, 2020
The Cuddliest Lion January 15, 2020
Steppe by Steppe January 16, 2020
Hidden Tiger January 17, 2020

Starstuck Sally[]

Doc and her team tell Sally to keep quiet when they were filming a rainbow eared kola

It's a Wash[]

Doc and her friends get dirty so they ask Cleandeen and the squirtaphants to help and clean em out

Monkey Business[]

Doc and her friends were filming when a monkey was doing their stuff

Zebra Crossing[]

Doc, Wildlife Will and the gang help a young rocking-horse zebra named Zeke overcome his fear of water so he can cross a creek and be reunited with his herd.

Rockin' Croc[]

Doc and the crew are scheduled to film a documentary on Wendell "The Rockin' Croc" Von Croc but later find out that Wendell can't play his chimes due to a bad musical scale.

Repeat After Me[]

Doc and the crew must outwit mischievous and colorful Speak-and-Repeat Parrots in order to film the clever birds for their movie!

Tail Spin[]

The gang helps build a new tail for a Whirly Bird named Topsy so she can get back to her flock and perform the Whirly Birds' famous Sunrise Spin to honor the new day.

The Cuddliest Lion[]

When the safari crew discovers Roy, the most huggable lion in the world has run away, they must track him through the jungle and solve a sticky case of Itchy-Briar-Itis!

Steppe by Steppe[]

The safari crew films the spring-snake migration and must come to the aid of a small spring-snake stuck halfway down the steppes.