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But before you start reading I have to tell you this is very important. Copyright Disclaimer. We gotta bring back "Doc McStufins"

  1. I don't own the series none of us do.
  2. This series belongs to their rightful owners like Chris Nee, Disney, and Brown Bags Production.
  3. We must use our own ideas.

After the events of, "Doc McStuffins". Doc still is the head of the hospital of McStuffinsville but things start happening in Doc's life that will change her life forever. Even revealing her secret to an old bff of her's and bring her to the hospital after revealing her secret to her. After that their adventures together in McStuffinsvile begins.  Then her brother Donny and her bff's sister Alma find out some how each. .

No matter how long it takes I will bring this series back-

-Mark 4:22  For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light. 

From April 2020-                                                                                                            Anyone want to join sign under here and are welcome too.

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