Waddly's Huggy Overload
Season 4, Episode 18B
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Air date June 4, 2017
Written by Rachel Vine
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"Waddly's Huggy Overload" is the second segment of the one-hundred and tenth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on June 4, 2017.


When Waddly Penguin accidentally startles Bonnie Blue and Speckles during the Rescue Workers Celebration Day parade and awards ceremony, Doc and her crew her teach how to properly meet and interact with pets.




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Chilly: Doc, are you nervous about leading the parade with so many people watching you? The thought makes me warm. Too warm! Am I melting?
Lambie: Oh, Chilly, you can't melt!
Chilly: Oh, yeah. Someday that fact will stick. (Chuckles)

Lambie: (after she hears someone crying) Do you hear that? Who would cry at a parade? (Sees Waddly Penguin and gasps) Waddly Penguin! (Goes up to her) What's wrong?
Waddly Penguin: I can't see parade! (Sobs) I'm too small!
Hallie: We can fix that, sure as grease fixes a squeak. Come on over! (Brings Waddly up steps)
Waddly Penguin: Oh! (Laughs)
Lambie: Is that better, Waddly?
Waddly Penguin: All better! Thank you, friends.

Stuffy: Who's with Lenny the Firetruck?
Hallie: That's the new firehouse dog, Speckles.
Waddly Penguin: Speckles? (Gasp) A puppy? I love puppies!
Stuffy: Oh, if you get that excited over a puppy, I hate to see what you're gonna do when you see a horse!
Waddly Penguin: Did you say... horsey?
Stuffy: Over there. It's Sir Kirby and his horsey, Bonnie Blue.

Doc: I wonder why Bonnie Blue would run away. Hallie, did you see what happened?
Hallie: I had a front-row seat. Waddly came over with her lights a-flashing and her beeps a-beeping. And she sure enough scared the tail right off of Bonnie Blue.
Doc: Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Have you ever jumped when someone surprised you?
Hallie: Oh, you better believe it! Especially when I'm not expecting it!
Stuffy: Not me! I'm too brave for that. Ha ha! (Doc and Hallie look at him and smile) All right, well, maybe once or twice.

Doc: Stuffy, Bonnie has had a scare. Make sure she gets some rest, please.
Stuffy: You got it, Doc.

Hallie: It's always a good idea to ask an animal's owner if you can meet their pet.
Doc: Next time, ask Sir Kirby if you can meet Bonnie Blue.
Waddly Penguin: I understand, Doc. I won't scare horsey again. I'll be very careful around horses, no lights, no beeps.
Doc: That's a great plan, Waddly.

Waddly Penguin: (Gasp) Look at all the animals!
Stuffy: This is the vet clinic, where we take care of all the animals.
Doc: Speckles bit you because you didn't know how to play with him properly. I brought you here to show you the proper way to meet new animals that you don't know.
Stuffy: It's important to ask the pet's owner and to approach them properly. We'll show you how!

Waddly Penguin: Lenny, Waddly sorry I scared Speckles. I didn't mean to!
Lenny: Its okay, Waddly.
Waddly Penguin: Would it be okay if I petted Speckles now?
Lenny: I think Speckles would like that.



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