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"Weather the Storm" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 2 episode "The Big Storm". It is sung by Doc, Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly.

Weather or not song

"The Big Storm" Song Doc McStuffins Disney Junior UK


<poem> Doc: When lightning flashes Don't be afraid When thunder clashes I'll keep you safe

Chilly: This is so scary

Hallie: Soon all the clouds will break

Chilly: What if I melt?

Hallie: You're gonna be okay

All: 'Cause we know that We can get through this together Stay brave like we always do If we've got each other we can stay warm

Doc: We'll weather the storm

All: We can get through this together As soon as the rain goes away There'll be rainbows, puddles and cuddles, forevermore We'll weather the storm