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Hallie: It is hotter than a Houston heat wave outside.
Chilly: How hot? Melty hot? I'm just asking for a friend... Who's also a snowman, who's also named Chilly.
Hallie: It's not too hot for toy snowmen, sugar.
Doc: Who's our next appointment, Chilly?
Chilly: It's Leilani, and she's in exam room two.
Doc: Great cheeck-up, Leilani. You're in perfect health.
Leilani: That's great. (sighs) I guess.
Doc: Are you okay, Leilani?
Leilani: Actually, no, Doc. Something just hasn't been feeling right.
♪ Hey, what's going on? ♪
♪ Tell us what's wrong ♪
♪ know there's something we can do ♪
♪ It might not be clear, and that's why I'm here ♪
♪ Tell me what's bothering you ♪
♪ Got something on your mind ♪
♪ Don't you keep it inside ♪
♪ You're gonna be fine ♪
♪ Hey, tell us what's wrong ♪
♪ What's going on?
Leilani: I've been feeling sad lately. Like something's missing.
Chilly: Like a missing button or a missing hat? Wait. Where's my hat? Oh. (Chuckles) There it is.
Leilani: No, not like a missing hat. I've been away from my beautiful, sunny home in Hawaii for so long, I haven't felt like my normal Hawaiian self.
Lambie: That's gotta feel baa-ad. (Gives Leilani a cuddle)
Leilani: Thanks, Lambie.
Doc: I have a diagnosis. Leilani, you have a case of homesick-itis.
Chilly: But Leilani's a toy, not a house.
Stuffy: And I'm pretty sure houses can't get sick.
Doc: No, guys. Homesick is when kids and toys miss their home. In this case, Leilani misses Hawaii. Leilani, what normally makes you feel the most Hawaiian? Maybe it could help with your homesickness.
Leilani: My favorite thing from Hawaii is the hula. It's a kind of dance we do at a Hawaiian party called a luau.
Doc: What if you threw a luau at Bathtub Lake?
Hallie: Then you can hula until you have a happy Hawaiian heart.
Leilani: That's a great idea, Doc. A luau would make me feel batter. I'm gonna go get ready right now. Come by the lake this afternoon. And bring your dancing sandals.
Chilly: Oh, no. I can't wear sandals if I don't have feet.
Lambie: Oh, Chilly, you can bring a dancing scraf.
Doc: We'll stop by as soon as we finish our work here.
Leilani: See you soon.
Lambie: Baa-eautiful!
Hallie: Ooh, look at all the toys that showed up.
Stuffy: Time to party!
Leilani: You guys made it. Aloha.
Doc: Wow! The luau looks great, Leilani.
Leilani: Thanks, I've been running around all day, getting everything ready.
Hallie: In this hot sun?! You're one heroic hula girl.
Doc: But you aren't wearing any sun protection. Maybe you should take a quick break in the shade.
Leilani: I'm fine; I'm a solar-powered toy, remember? Plus, we Hawaiians love being out in the sun. Are you guys ready for the hula?
Leilani: Now, hula is performed in a group called a halau; that's you guys. And I'm the kumu hula, that's the teacher.
Chilly: I hope there's not gonna be a quiz on this later.
Stuffy: I'm an expert on roaring and stomping. Hula, not so much.
Leilani: Ooh, let's start the music. Everyone, shake their hips like this.
Chilly: Uh-oh. I can't find my hips.
Hallie: Just sway something, sugar.
Doc: Keep it up, Chilly. You'll get the hang of it.
Stuffy: Just crown me king of the hula. Hey, Leilani, I think we've got it.
Leilani: Well, then, let's speed it up a little bit.
Chilly: It is really bot, and we've been dancing. for a long time. Think I'm all hula-ed out, Doc.
Doc: You're right, Chilly. Maybe we should take a break.
Leilani: Okay, everyone, now we're going to do a Hula 'auana, which is a modern hula. Ow!
Doc: Leilani!
Stuffy: Are you okay?
Doc: Leilani, what happend?
Leilani: I don't know, but... I can't hula.
Doc: Looks like we should take you in for a check up.
Hallie: What's the problem, Doc?
Doc: I'm not sure yet. Leilani, try hula-ing again.
Leilani: Oh, I can't.
Doc: Looks like your knee is stuck. That's why you weren't able to perform the dance. I'm diagnosing you...
Hallie: Oops. That's my cue.
Doc: ...with a case of the melties.
Leilani: The melties?
Chilly: Are they contagious? I can already feel them kicking in. I feel like a puddle. I'm a puddle, aren't I?
Doc: Chilly, you're a plush toy, so you can't get the melties like plastic toys. Plastic toys, like kids, can get hurt if they stay in the sun or heat for too long. The heat from the sun melted the plastic parts on Leilani's knee together. That's what's keeping your leg from bending normally.
Leilani: Oh, Doc, that's terrible news. The hula is my favorite thing about being Hawaiian. It was starting to help me feel less homesick.
Doc: I'm sorry, Leilani. I know this is hard, but we'll do everything we can to get you better. We nee to go find a replacement part for Leilani's knee.
Hallie: Right behind you, Doc.
Doc: Oh, Leilani, I know you're a solar-powered toy, but you should stay out of the sun, and avoid the heat for now, okay?
Leilani: Okay, Doc. If I need to avoid the heat and sun, I need to go somewhere cold. I think I know where I have to go.
Leilani: The snow globe is the coolest spot in McStuffinsville. No heat here. Hello? Anybody home? It sure is c-c-cold in here.
Snowy Peeps: Goopa-goopa!
Leilani: Huh?
Snowy Peeps: Goopa. Goopa-goopa-goopa.
Leilani: Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying.
The Dude: It's Snowy Peep language. Only snowman toys speak it. Hey, are you lost? You look more like a beach toy than a snow toy.
Leilani: Aloha. I'm Leilani. I'm a t-toy from Hawaii. But, well...
♪ Good bye, hula skirt ♪
♪ Been nice to know ya ♪
♪ Farewell, lovely ocean so blue ♪
♪ Between the sun and me ♪
♪ A sad aloha ♪
♪ I don't know what else I can do ♪
♪ But stay away ♪
♪ From the sun I adore ♪
♪ And I shall hula no more ♪
♪ I'll spend my days ♪
♪ Homesick and indoors ♪
♪ And I shall hula no more ♪
The Dude: Oh, that sounds like a bummer.
Snowy Peeps: Goopa.
Snowy Peep: Oh, goopa goopa.
Snowy Peeps: Goopa, goopa!
Leilani: What? What are they saying?
The Dude: They said that you're welcome to stay here with us. We'll show you to go an igloo.
Snowy Peeps: Goopa, goopa!
Leilani: I miss the beach already.
Chilly: Oh, is this it? Oh, I don't know, there's so much stuff here!
Doc: Did you guys find anything?
Chilly: Um, what are we looking for again?
Doc: A replacement knee part for Leilani so she can hula again.
Stuffy: Found it!
Lambie: A knee replacement?
Stuffy: Even better. A dashing 'stache.
Doc and Lambie: Stuffy!
Stuffy: Oh, and a toy knee part, too. Should I have said the part part first? (Everyone else giggles)
Doc: Great job, Stuffy. Now let's go back to Leilani's room, and give her the good news. Hey, it's The Dude. Are you okay?
The Dude: Hey, Doc, we got a visitor here at the snow globe, and I think she could use your help.
Doc: Who's the toy?
The Dude: Hold on, I forget. It's a really pretty name. Oh, Leilani.
All: What?!
Hallie: That's hula cutie isn't cut out for the cold.
Doc: We'll be right there.
Chilly: Oh, it's the Snowy Peeps. Goopa goopa!
The Dude: Hey, Doc.
Doc: Hi, The Dude. Where's Leilani?
Doc: Leilani?
Leilani: Oh, hi, Doc.
Doc: What are you doing in here? We found you a replacement knee part. You'll be able to dance again.
Leilani: It doesn't matter, Doc.
Doc: What do you mean?
Leilani: What's the use in hula-ing if I can't go out and hula in the sun?
Doc: Oh, Leilani, I didn't mean that you could never go out in the sun again. You just have to be careful when you do.
Leilani: I can go back outside?
Doc: It's always important to wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, when you're going to be outside for a long time. And to take breaks in the shade to avoid getting too hot. I also make sure to bring lots of cold drinking water too.
Leilani: So I can keep hula-ing at the beach, and have luaus?
Doc: Of course. Oh, which reminds me. You'll need this if you're gonna lead the hula. (Gives Leilani her flower lei)
Leilani: Thanks, Doc.
Doc: Hallie, let's get this patient back to the hospital, and prepped for surgery. (Everyone else cheering)
Leilani: How did the surgery go?
Doc: Really well. We were able to replace your knee part successfully. Why don't you stand and give it a try?
Leilani: Okay.
Hallie: Take it nice and easy, sugar.
Leilani: Hey, look. My hula's back.
Chilly: Like a pro.
Lambie: Baa-rilliant.
Doc: I think it's time we head back to the luau.
Leilani: Hit it. Everyone hula to your hearts' content, because we're going to take a shade break soon.
Doc: How's your knee feeling?
Leilani: Perfect. And I don't feel homesick anymore either. Mahalo, Doc.
Stuffy: Uh, ma-what now?
Leilani: (Giggles) Mahalo, Stuffy. That means "thank you" in Hawaiian.
Stuffy: Oh! What was it again? (Everyone else giggles)
Leilani: Mahalo.