The Wicked King
The Wicked King

Full name

Percy, The Wicked King



Type of Toy


What Kind



No information


Doc McStuffins, Stuffy (sometimes), Sir Kirby (sometimes), Queen Amina (sometimes), Sproingo Boingo


Sir Kirby (sometimes), Queen Amina (sometimes), Officer Pete, Stuffy (sometimes)


Shiny things, being a villain


Being thwarted, losing his crown


Jess Harnell

The Wicked King is the main antagonist of the toys with a posh British accent. He‘s usually incredibly rude, bossy and sometimes mean to the other toys. However, he occasionally has a soft spot. In later installments, he becomes somewhat reformed, developing friendships with Sir Kirby, Queen Amina and Sproingo Boingo.


Physical AppearanceEdit

The Wicked King has brown hair, black eyes, a purple body and a gold-colored crown on his head. He has no arms, and no legs which annoys him to no end.


  • "Yes, but I am a wicked king. Hmm hmm. And wicked kings get what wicked king's want."
  • "I shall away...for now. But I will be back for my treasure!"
  • "Heavens! That doesn't look good."
  • "Oh, yes, I found the treasure! [Evil laughter] The Wicked King always gets what he wants. Well, except arms. I could use some arms. Besides that I win."
  • "My evil plan to take over McStuffinsville is working. I've captured the magic teacup, making me the most powerful wicked king ever!" [Evil laugh]
  • "I'll get that teacup back one day soon. You'll see, or my name's not Percy. I mean, The Wicked King." [Evil laugh echoes] "Really, it's not Percy."
  • "Jewels fit for a wicked king. [Evil chuckle] As soon as I figure out how to get them, they shall be mine. All mine! [Evil laugh]"
  • "Oh, fiddlesticks."
  • "I didn't mean to hurt him. I was only playing."
  • "Oh, bean-sickles. Foiled again."
  • "I will rule McStuffins Kingdom! (Evil Laughter)"
  • “oh for king sake!”
  • “Naughty naughty naughty!”
  • “Zing Zing!“


  • The Wicked King is voiced by Jess Harnell, who also voices Chilly and Cedric the Sorceror on Sofia the First.
  • The wicked king is interested in shiny things, such as a shiny necklace.
  • He has a crush on Queen Amina


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