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Will is Donny's Friend who owns Riggo.


Physical Appearance[]

He is a small and slender young boy with brown hair, a green shirt, red sweater, blue jeans and red and white sneakers.


  • "Let's rebuild the mountain."
  • "OK, but he's my favorite toy. Please take real good care of him."
  • "Donny, you have the coolest big sister ever!"


  • It's unknown whatever happen to him after season 1 as he was never seen or mentioned again.
  • A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns, Stuck Up and Keep on Truckin' are the only episodes where he appears.
  • Keep on Truckin is the only episode he's seen with Luca, Emmie and Alma.
    • Keep on Truckin and Stuck Up are the only episodes he's seen with Carlos.
  • He has never been seen with Henry although he's been seen with Luca, Carlos, Emmie and Alma it's unknown if he's friends with them or not.