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Willow is a female domesticated cat (possibly Persian or tabby) toy who became one of Doc’s patients at the Toy hospital. she experienced a funny tickling feeling in her head, which later turned out to be one of her whiskers (on the left side of her face) that got stuck when she fell off the bed on her face. She was very nervous about getting a CAT scan in order to get the results of the problem (while running jokes kept being said about the whole being a cat and CAT scans.) but she overcame it and thanked everyone for helping her (“Willow's Wonky Whiskers”).


she appears to be a purple persian or tabby (judging from the stripes she has) and wears a purple bow and collar with a silver tag at the end for it. she has green eyes with long feminine eyelashes. she somewhat bears a slight resemblance to Talking Angela, except she is purplish pink intead of solid white and has green instead of blue eyes.


she appears to be a fashionista and gives advice towards friends similar to Angela (and most other fashionistas), and hates it when things don’t go her way.


Willow's cat scan picture
Alma and willow
Lambie and willow under the bed