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Theme song
The Wicked King: My evil plan to take over McStuffinsville is working. I've captured the magic teacup, making me the most powerful wicked king ever! [Evil laugh]
Doc: Hmm, there may be some superheroes who just might try to take back the magic teacup.
Lambie: Super Lambie...
Stuffy: And Super Stuffy... Whoa! Unh.
Stuffy and Lambie: Ready to get the magic teacup.
Doc: [Giggles]
Stuffy: And introducing Niles, my new super sidekick.
Doc: Oh. Hi, Niles. I bandaged the arm of your crane a while ago, didn't I?
Niles: Yep, you sure did, Doc. I still have the same bandage.
Doc: Really? The same bandage? That was a long time ago. Are you sure it doesn't need to get changed? It looks kind of dirty and yicky.
Niles: Naw, it's ok. It's probably dirty because someone left me behind a bush. I don't want to mention any names, but it rhymes with "Lonny."
Stuffy: Bonny? Tonny? Tawonny? Fonny? Mawonny?
Lambie: Um, Donny?
Stuffy: Ohh. Yeah, that makes sense.
Niles: Anyway, I was stuck there until Stuffy found me.
Doc: Well, superheroes, that magic teacup still needs to be taken back. So, Super Lambie, Super Stuffy and Super Niles, do your stuff.
Stuffy: Do not fear. Super Stuffy will get the magic teacup.
Lambie: How?
Stuffy: I'm going to fly.
Lambie: [Giggles] But, Stuffy, you can't fly.
Stuffy: Oh, can't I? And, please, it's Super Stuffy. Yes, I, Super Stuffy, am flying!
Lambie: Stuffy can fly?
The Wicked King: [Gasps]
Stuffy: No. Uhh. Whoa!
The Wicked King: Aah. No! The magic teacup!
Stuffy: Uhh. Whoa! Whoooa.
Lambie: Yeah, nice "flying," Super Stuffy. I see you have some help.
Stuffy and Niles: [Laughs]
Doc: That's pretty cool, guys.
Niles: Aw, gee, thanks. We've been working on this ever since Stuffy found me.
Stuffy: Yeah. I've always wanted to fly like a superhero.
Niles: And I've always wanted to be a Super sidekick.
Stuffy: OK, Super sidekick Niles, I know we can get the magic teacup. Just swing me a little closer.
Niles: You got it.
Stuffy: Whoooa. Whoa!
Niles: If I bend, you'll be right there.
Stuffy: [Grunts] Just a little lower.
Niles: Oh, no.
Lambie: [Gasps]
Stuffy: Ohh!
Doc and Lambie: Ohh!
Doc: Better let me take a look at your arm. It may be that bandage of yours.
Niles: No, no, no, no. It's OK. [Gulps] I'm OK.
Doc: Why don't you let me decide that? Super Niles, I think maybe it's time to change that old dirty bandage.
Niles: Change my bandage? No. No. No. I really, really think the bandage is fine. So, let's get the teacup.
Stuffy: [Grunting]
Lambie: [Gasps] Your bandage!
Niles: What's that? Oh, no!
Stuffy: That bandage is looking super... ew, bad.
Niles: The bandage is fine, Doc, really. I don't need it changed.
Doc: I'm pretty sure it does. It's old it--
Niles: But I like it. I'm used to it. I don't want a new bandage.
Doc: Your arm will be so much better with a new one.
Stuffy: You can't be a superhero if you're not super healthy. So let Doc help you.
Doc: Come on. We'll take off your old dirty bandage and put on a new one.
Niles: But taking off my bandage will hurt--a lot. Won't it?
Doc: It'll only hurt for a second. And after you have a new bandage, you'll be even more super!
Stuffy: Aah! [Thud] I'm good.
Doc: Oops. Sorry, Stuffy. Come on. The doc is in.
[Stethoscope goes off]
Hallie: Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo.
Doc: We have a patient, Hallie.
Hallie: Well, hello there. Ooh, a tall guy.
Niles: Oh, hi. I'm just trying to get inside here.
Hallie: Careful there, stretch! Scoot left.
Niles: Scoot left? OK.
Hallie: Now a bit right.
Niles: Right?
Hallie: Duck! Hold still! There you go.
Niles: Did it.
Hallie: My, oh, my, your bandage is stickier than a beehive at a honey festival. Mm-mm. It has been a while since you've been here. I say it's checkup time.
Niles: Ch-checkup time?
Doc: Come on back.
Doc: Everything seems great so far. Now, let's find out how tall you are. I just need you to stand over here next to the height chart. Hallie, I think we'll need to use 2 charts.
Hallie: It's looking that way.
Stuffy: Got it!
Lambie: Chart coming right up.
Hallie: Mercy, Niles. You sure are a tall glass of lemonade.
Stuffy: You're taller than me.
Lambie: And me...
Stuffy and Lambie: Together!
Doc: Which is perfect for a crane your age. So, your basic checkup is over--
Niles: Aw, thanks, Doc. So, I'll, uh, see you outside?
Doc: Actually, Niles, we're not done yet.
Niles: [Gulps]
Doc: Don't worry. Ohh. That's gunky. I have a diagnosis. You have a case of Y.O.B.-osis.
Niles: Y.O.B.-osis? What's that?
Doc: Y.O.B. is Yucky Old Bandage-osis.
Hallie: Now, that's a good one, and it needs to go in the big book of boo-boos. Here you go, Doc
Doc: Let's see. Yucky Old Bandage-osis.
Niles: Yucky Old Bandage-osis sounds bad. Is it bad, Doc?
Doc: No. I'll just need to put a new clean bandage on you. Then you'll be Super Niles again.
Niles: [Weakly] Yay, Super Niles. But, um, how are you gonna take this old bandage off?
Doc: There are 2 ways to take off a bandage. We can slowly peel it off or quickly rip it off and that'll be that.
Hallie: Sugar, I say rip that bandage off and move on.
Lambie: Oh, Hallie's right. Do it fast.
Niles: Just be honest, Doc. How much is it gonna hurt?
♪ I'm afraid it's gonna hurt ♪
♪ Don't think the worst ♪
♪ But I'm scared it's gonna sting ♪
♪ Don't worry about a thing ♪
[Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Just relax, it'll pass ♪
♪ In a flash you'll be done ♪
♪ I'm scared I'm gonna cry ♪
♪ You'll get through it if you try ♪
♪ How long will it take? ♪
♪ Just a Lambie's tail shake ♪
[Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Hallie]
♪ Just relax, it'll pass ♪
♪ 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ♪
♪ It'll be over before you know it ♪
[Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Hallie]
♪ You'll feel better in no time ♪
♪ You don't have to look ♪
♪ Can I read a funny book? ♪
♪ Or if you need ♪
♪ I got a cuddle and a squeeze ♪
[Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Hallie]
♪ Just relax, it'll pass ♪
♪ In a flash you'll be done ♪
Niles: Well, I guess you do have to take the old bandage off, but I'm just not sure if I want you to go fast or slow.
Doc: What if we just get started and see what happens?
Niles: [Gulps] OK.
Lambie: You are so brave.
Hallie: Oh, I agree. You're the best, stretch.
Niles: Oh, thanks.
Doc: Stuffy, do something to distract him.
Stuffy: Super Stuffy flies again! [Grunts]
Niles: Oh, good flying, Super Stuffy.
Stuffy: Hmm. I'm really getting some air here, huh?
Niles: [Giggles] You are!
Lambie: Super Stuffy just isn't the same without you. Not even close.
Doc: OK, time to say bye-bye to the old bandage. Bye-bye. See ya later.
Hallie: Adios.
Stuffy: Bye!
Hallie: Ta-ta, bandage.
Niles: [Giggles] Sayonara.
Doc: [Singsong] Look what I found.
Niles: Wow, it's off? I hardly felt that. It really didn't hurt at all.
Doc: Good. Ugh. We'd better clean all that dirt that got under the bandage.
Niles: Is that bad, Doc?
Doc: It's really better if you keep it clean.
Hallie: I'm just cleaning any extra yuck away. There you go.
Doc: Now you're all ready for a new bandage. Remember, it's always good to keep the area around the bandage clean. And come back when you need your bandage changed.
Hallie: Yeah, make sure you come back before your bandage is all yucky, gunky, skunky and funky-looking.
Doc, Stuffy and Lambie: [Laughing]
♪ I feel better, so much better ♪
♪ Thank you, Doc, for taking all the ouches away ♪
♪ I didn't feel so good till you fixed me like I knew that you would ♪
♪ And I feel better, so much better now ♪
Lambie: Ahh.
Niles: Thanks, Doc. Thanks, Hallie. Now I know that bandages need to be changed and kept clean and changing them really only hurts for a second.
Hallie: Or not at all.
Niles: You're right. And I won't wait so long next time to visit you, Doc, to make sure my arm is OK.
Stuffy: Let go, Super Niles. We still have to stop The Wicked King.
Doc and Lambie: Duck your head!
Niles: Huh? Thanks.
Stuffy: Way to go, Super Niles.
The Wicked King: [Evil laugh] I have the magic teacup again. It's mine, all mine. [Gasps]
Stuffy and Lambie: Not so fast!
The Wicked King: [Gasps]
Niles: 1, 2, 3!
Stuffy: Whoa... uhh. Got it!
Lambie: Way to go!
Stuffy: We did it.
Doc: Super Lambie, Super Stuffy and Super Niles save the day.
Niles: Yay!
Stuffy: All right!
The Wicked King: I'll get that teacup back one day soon. You'll see, or my name's not Percy. I mean, The Wicked King. [Evil laugh echoes] Really, it's not Percy.
Doc: Lambie, Niles, Stuffy, you're my heroes.
Stuffy: Wow. Thanks.
Niles: And, Doc, you're our hero, too. Thanks, everybody.
Stuffy: Good stuff.
Niles: Super great.