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Star Blazer Zero is an alien astronaut toy who flies in a toy rocket and in season 2, drives a rocket bike. He belongs to Carlos, Doc's next door neighbor. He and Commander Crush call themselves "space buddies forever." In the third season, Star Blazer Zero moves away with his kid, Carlos, leaving Crush sad at the loss of his friend, though Doc encourages Crush to be brave in order to help Zero feel better about the move.


Physical Appearance[]

Star Blazer Zero is a green alien in an astronaut suit.


  • "Ka-zow, Earthlings! Take me to your leader!"
  • "I am Star Blazer Zero. Alien astronaut! You may call me Zero!"
  • "Ka-zowie!"
  • "Everyone's knees honk on my planet."
  • "Asking me not to fly is like asking this strangely soft lamb to stop cuddling. Or a dragon to stop roaring."
  • "It's time for me to return to my home planet. Thanks for fixing me."
  • ”This time I shall fear no hospital!”